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Feta Cheese and Spinach Loaf ( VLML Vegetarian ) 菲達芝士菠菜蛋糕(蛋奶素食)

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

If you think that all cheese are high in fat, then i'd like to introduce you to Italian buffalo mozzarella. Sliced with tomato, herbs, and olive oil, it becomes a simple Italian appetizer that will satisfy your hunger despite its light taste. I used three different cheese in this dish: Swiss Gruyere cheese, Greek feta cheese, and low-fat cottage cheese. You can feel their different textures in each bite!


Feta Cheese and Spinach Loaf ( VLML Vegetarian ) 菲達芝士菠菜蛋糕 (蛋奶素食)


學素SIMPLY VEGETARIAN cookbook recipe, page 40


Prep Time: 20 mins

Cooking Time: 50 mins

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Servings: 8


180 g flour

11 g baking powder

3 eggs

10 g olive oil

12 g skim milk

80 g grated Gruyere cheese

150 g feta goat cheese

50 g low fat cottage cheese

200 g raw spinach

1 clove garlic, chopped

pinch Himalayan salt & white pepper


1. Preheat oven to 190° C.

2. In a bowl, mix the flour and baking powder. In a second bowl, mix the eggs, olive oil, milk, salt, and pepper. Add the eggs to the flour and mix to a smooth batter.

3. Remove the spinach stalks, then wash and cook the spinach with the chopped garlic in a pan without adding water or fat until the water evaporates. Squeeze the excess water in the spinach. Coarsely chop the spinach and feta cheese into small cubes.

4. Mix the spinach, feta cheese, low fat cottage cheese and grated Gruyere cheese into the batter, then pour into a buttered and floured bread pan.

5. Bake 45~50 minutes at 190° C.

6. Cool for 5 min before de-molding.

7. Slice the loaf and serve.

菲達芝士菠菜蛋糕 (蛋奶素食) Feta Cheese and Spinach Loaf ( VLML Vegetarian )


前菜 & 小食

準備時間: 20分鐘

烹飪時間: 50分鐘

難度: 容易

份量: 8份

材料 :

180克 麵粉

11克 泡打粉

3隻 雞蛋

10克 橄欖油

12克 脫脂牛奶

80克 格魯耶爾芝士(磨碎)

150克 菲達芝士

50 克 低脂茅屋芝士

200克 菠菜

1瓣 蒜頭(切碎)

少許 鹽和胡椒粉



2. 在碗內混合麵粉和發酵粉。另外,混合雞蛋、橄欖油、牛奶、鹽和胡椒粉於另一個碗中。將雞蛋加入麵粉,拌勻直到光滑的麵糊。

3. 將菠菜去葉柄,洗淨。用平底鍋煮熟菠菜,加入切碎大蒜,但不加水或油,直至所有菠菜的水份蒸發,擠走多餘水份。粗切菠菜,以及將菲達芝士切成小塊。

4. 把菠菜、菲達芝士、低脂茅屋、格魯耶爾芝士碎加入麵糊。然後倒入已刷上牛油和麵粉的麵包盤模具。


6,待置5分鐘,然後取出蛋糕。 切片,可食。

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