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Last Minute Milk Pudding with Mango 極速芒果奶凍



EASY ! FAST ! FLEXIABLE ! YUMMY ..... are the keywords for this dessert.

Another extremely easy dessert to fully use up the leftover ingredients in your fridge, cooking time is less than 10 minutes. When you look at all these ingredients, you must have thought you might not have all the exact ingredients on hand, especially during pandemic that not every ingredients are available in stores.

Yet this is also a very flexible recipe! You can mix and match with the amount of different milk products ( as long as it sums up to 900 ml of milk products). Then taste the mixture before adding the gelatin or agar agar , then adjust the sugar amount. That’s how I come up with this easy last minute pudding recipe.

I just made it less than 10 minutes after I finished cooking the main meal. Then chill them inside the fridge before dinning. The milk pudding turned out to be rather nice and right on time after a little break from dinner.

You can also replace the mango with other fruits, e.g. berries and pineapple also goes well with this milk pudding.

Make it with a big tray is another opinion. Simply cut them into 4.5~5cm cube instead of serving them individually inside a glass, then you should add an extra 4g of gelatin powder into the mixture for a slightly more solid pudding to cut out with.

INGREDIENTS : 10 small glasses servings

480ml full cream milk

100 ml cream

100 ml coconut milk, can be replaced by cream

100 ml yoghurt

100 ml evaporated milk

20 ml condense milk / 20g sugar

100 g sugar

20 g gelatin power / agar agar / same weight of gelatin sheets,

soak it into cold water before adding into the milk for cooking.

1 big mango, slice into 10 long strips / other fruits

1/2 tsp vanilla extract / ½ stalk of vanilla bean


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