Curry Chicken Baguette ( recipe)

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Curry Chicken Baguette

An East Meets West fusion that I created as a tribute to a precious 55 years old spice & herbs shop in Hong Kong,Tin Yin Coconut Company 天然椰子號. Although making French baguettes is not difficult, it requires some skills to bake the dough with stuffing. Unlike the ordinary way which fills in stuffing after emptying out the baked baguettes, we need to cut open the dough and fill in stuffing before baking. However, the filling may burst out when baking if it is not filled in properly. Fortunately, I have figured out the best way to fill in the stuffing after a handful of experiments and revisions to the recipe. By pairing it with the lemongrass tea available in Tin Yin Coconut Company, the French Curry Chicken Baguette is a contemporary response to the shopkeeper's unique food pairing of nian gao and Pu’er tea.

Article link :【 French Curry Chicken Baguette in Chef’s Heaven】

French Curry Chicken Baguette

Makes 2 baguettes/ 4 short baguettes/ 6 mini baguettes



365 g baguette flour/ high-gluten flour

1 tbsp curry powder

1 tbsp turmeric

5 g yeast

5 g salt

280 ml warm water

200 ml hot water (for steam-baking)