Last Minute Milk Pudding with Mango 極速芒果奶凍

LAST MINUTE MILK PUDDING WITH MANGO 極速芒果奶凍 (▼中文版食譜在英文版下面▼) EASY ! FAST ! FLEXIABLE ! YUMMY ..... are the keywords for this dessert. Another extremely easy dessert to fully use up the leftover ingredients in your fridge, cooking time is less than 10 minutes. When you look at all these ingredients, you must have thought you might not have all the exact ingredients on hand, especially during pandemic that not every ingredients are available in stores. Yet this is also a very fle

Berry Yogurt Oat Crumble Bars 雜莓乳酪燕麥金寶脆

Berry Yogurt Oat Crumble Bars 雜莓乳酪燕麥金寶脆 (▼中文版食譜在英文版下面▼) A simple & colorful dessert for Christmas, or anytime you desire a quick & fast dessert. INGREDIENTS: 8~10 servings Crust & Crumble 150 g all-purpose flour 120 g rolled oats (best to use whole rolled oats instead of the instant oatmeal for more crumbly effect) 150 g unsalted butter, cut into 1 cm cube dice, then keep inside the fridge until mixing 150 g light brown sugar 1/4 tsp salt 3/4 tsp / 3g


Recipe  link : Green Tea Chocolate Glutinous Rice Ball with Honey Jasmine Tea The Vivid Glutinous Rice Balls in my Memory Written by George Tang @ George Kitchen At the beginning of my interview with Mr Sze, he was rather shy to talk about his shop's features and his career. However when I asked him about the food from his hometown that he missed most, he immediately gushed over the signature dishes from Quanzhou. He particularly missed the Fujian beef broth, roast pork rice

【回憶裡的湯圓色彩】‧ 『路過北角』食誌與訪談:褔元湯圓 ※ 撰文《左字廚房》鄧子怡

【回憶裡的湯圓色彩】 撰文:《左字廚房》鄧子怡 請按此到~路過北角 x 左字廚房 創作食譜: 【蜂蜜茉莉綠茶巧克力流沙湯圓】連結 在訪談初期,當施老闆談及店內特色和經營歷程都表現得比較靦腆,但當我問到有什麼家鄉菜式令他特別懷念時,他便立即滔滔不絕地訴說家鄉泉州的小食。他說 : 「家鄉實在有太多美食,不能盡講!」他特別懷念家鄉的福建牛肉羹、燒肉粽和綠豆餅,可惜在香港仍沒有什麼地方可以吃到同樣的味道。在福建泉州的小菜種類繁多,雖然在北角街市也容易買到福建各類的食品,但與家鄉當地吃到的實在無法相比!他邊說邊不禁搖搖頭,惘然若失得像在回味他家鄉的美食。也許,家鄉的風味與思鄉情懷,是種無可代替的味道。 爆漿手搓湯圓 施老闆與家人從泉州來到香港後,發現香港人很愛吃湯圓,所以決定製作家鄉湯圓,靠這門手藝落地生根。「福元湯圓」是北角區內的老字號糖水店,主打每日親手搓製的湯圓,多數客人都難忘它的皮薄餡多和陣陣豬油香。湯圓的芝麻更有爆漿流心的效果,咬下去的一剎口感澎湃,稠濃芝麻餡在秒間傾瀉,差一點就接不住。除了招牌爆漿湯圓外,生磨棗香合桃糊也別具心思。合桃一般都會帶

Green Tea Chocolate Glutinous Rice Ball with Honey Jasmine Tea 蜂蜜茉莉綠茶巧克力流沙湯圓

Green Tea Chocolate Glutinous Rice Ball with Honey Jasmine Tea (▼中文版食譜在英文版下面▼) 蜂蜜茉莉綠茶巧克力流沙湯圓 INGREDIENTS : 16 pieces/ 4 servings Chocolate fillings (8 g each) 140 g dark / white chocolate 10 g butter, melted 1 TBSP corn starch Glutinous Rice Balls (12 g each) 120 g glutinous rice flour 10 g green tea powder / sugar-free cocoa powder 80 ml boiling water 1 tsp oil 15~25 ml room temperature water Honey Jasmine Tea 500ml water 10 g rock sugar, crushed 1~

MORNING AFTER BROWNIES-Super Moist Espresso Fudgy Brownies 意式特濃咖啡布朗尼蛋糕

MORNING AFTER BROWNIES-Super Moist Espresso Fudgy Brownies 意式特濃咖啡布朗尼蛋糕 (▼中文版食譜在英文版下面▼) Why is it called the Morning After Brownies? Because it taste even better and moist even the day after baking. Quick & easy to make. Great party food and last minutes Xmas dessert ! INGREDIENTS : Brownie Base 140 g unsalted butter 200 g very fine sugar 80 g cocoa powder ¼ tsp salt 65 g all purpose flour 2 TBSP espresso 2 eggs ½ tsp vanilla extract /1/3 vanilla stic

ONE NIGHT STAND Meringue Cookies with Pistachio & Chocolate Chips 一夜情曲奇 (開心果朱古力蛋白曲奇)

One Night Stand Pistachio & Chocolate Chips Meringue Cookies 一夜情開心果朱古力曲奇 (▼中文版食譜在英文版下面▼) This meringue cookie is so easy to make that you just need to preheat the oven 180° C. Place the meringue into the oven. Switch off the oven and let the cookies stand inside the oven for overnight. That's why I call this cookie : ONE NIGHT STAND MERINGUE COOKIES. Extremely & easy to make, you can use up all your left over egg white in the freeze after you baked something else for dinner