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Green Tea Chocolate Glutinous Rice Ball with Honey Jasmine Tea

The Vivid Glutinous Rice Balls in my Memory Written by George Tang @ George Kitchen

At the beginning of my interview with Mr Sze, he was rather shy to talk about his shop's features and his career. However when I asked him about the food from his hometown that he missed most, he immediately gushed over the signature dishes from Quanzhou. He particularly missed the Fujian beef broth, roast pork rice dumplings, and green bean cake from his hometown. Unfortunately, none of these delicacies seems to be available in Hong Kong. “There are just too many scrumptious dishes in Quanzhou; it would take forever to talk about all of them.” Said Mr Sze. As a matter of fact, the number of famous dishes from Quanzhou, Fujian is truly astronomical. Even though a great variety of the foodstuff is readily available in North Point Market, their quality is incomparable to those in Quanzhou! Mr Sze kept shaking his head dejectedly as he spoke as if he was reminiscing the genuine flavour from his hometown. I couldn't help but presume that the taste of home and the flavour of homesickness are irreplaceable.

Hand Rounded Glutinous Rice Balls with Molten Filling

After Mr Sze and his family had come to Hong Kong from Quanzhou, they discovered that Hong Kong people are fond of tangyuan (glutinous rice balls). For that reason, they took on a fortuitous opportunity by serving their traditional tangyuan and took root in Hong Kong. Their shop, Fook Yuen, is one of the time-honoured dessert places in North Point renowned for its tangyuan handmade on the same day. This signature dessert bewitches most customers with its paper-thin wrapping, ample filling, and the whiff of lard aroma. In addition, its molten sesame filling which spurts like an eruption also astounds many first-time visitors on their first bite. As well as the highly rated tangyuan, Fook Yuen's walnut soup with jujube is equally remarkable. Unlike the ordinary walnut soup, Mr Sze uses the sweetness in jujube to neutralise the bitterness in walnut. Given its rich walnut aroma, balanced flavour, and silkily smooth texture, the walnut soup demonstrates a wonderful manifestation of Mr Sze's skills in mak