《SEARCH FOR THE NOUVEAU TASTE OF HERITAGE》 Chili Char Siu Pan Ho Mille-Feuille Lasagna (Ancient Moon)

《千尋百訪的新派古早味》 : 辣椒叉燒千層酥板河 (古月)

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English Article Published on : #ViaNorthPoint 2021 Article by Chef George Tang

04 Chili Char Siu Pan Ho Mille-Feuille Lasagna – 路過北角 Via North Point (via-northpoint.hk)

中文文章刊登於 : #路過北角 2021※ 撰文《左字廚房》鄧子怡

04 辣椒叉燒千層酥板河 – 路過北角 Via North Point (via-northpoint.hk)

I first visited “Ancient Moon” when I was shopping for spices in North Point with a friend of mine. Attracted by the restaurant’s sign and the portraits/decoration inside as we inadvertently strolled into an alley, we decided to jump in and learn more about it. As we entered the restaurant, my friend speculated that the owner was surnamed “Hu”, whilst my chef’s intuition told me that the signature dish of it had to contain pepper. Eventually, we figured out that neither of the owners, Lico and Fanni, were not surnamed “Hu”. We also learned that they both studied abroad in Western Australia as I did. Besides, the two are as fond of Malaysian cuisine as I am. It must be our fate to meet. Back in the time when they were studying abroad, there were a lot of overseas students from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia in Australia. Therefore, there were quite a lot of Southeast Asian eateries in Western Australia. Regarding the exquisite ceramic ornaments in Ancient Moon, all of them are the works of a Hong Kong ceramics artist. Lico mentioned that this artist would order Skirt Steak every time dining in the restaurant.

Perseverance and Innovation

My guess on the signature dish of Ancient Moon was only partly correct as pepper is merely one of the essential ingredients in their acclaimed bak kut teh. Lico said that Singaporeans cook bak kut teh with a profuse of garlic, fresh pork, and black and white pepper. But since importing pepper from Singapore is costly, they tried using pepper from China, Thailand or Vietnam as a substitution. However, they soon found out that pepper from China is hot but lacks the peppery flavour, whilst pepper from Vietnam and Thailand is not spicy at all. Hence, only pepper from Singapore can bring the relish of bak kut teh to the fullest. Lico and Fanni are fastidious about food. They have strict requirements on the condiments, ingredients, or the cooking method for each of the dishes they serve.